Jim Corbett National Park

18 mars 2013


Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most fantastic wildlife reserves in the country. Endowed with a gigantic array of flora and fauna, Corbett tour is dream for every wildlife lovers. Be it a filmmaker, painter, or photographer, Corbett’s mesmerizing beauty enthralls everyone. Corbett is mainly renowned for its successful tiger conservation project, which helped in protecting endangered species.

The project also marks the rising awareness about wildlife conservation among the Indians. Can be more enjoyable if you couple your tour with Nainital, which is a nearby beautiful town. Nainital as the term suggests is named after its mesmerizing tal (lake). The tall at this place resembles an eye (naina) from the bird view thereafter named Nainital. People should visit this town as it’s not only beautiful but very relaxing as well. People come here in huge number to spend their vacations here.

Corbett Nainital Tour is witnessing great popularity across the country and is one of the most availed tours in recent times. The compatibility of these two destinations makes it the best tour to avail in fact. Xper Travels is the best place where you can get the best corbett nainital tour. Xper travels is specialized in corbett India tours and can provide you best nainital cum corbett tour.

The park is having 110 tree species, 50 species of mammals and 580 bird species. Other than this there are 25 reptile species. They are ready to make your journey thrilled with their view which you can easily enjoy with the safaris available in the area. The safaris make the journey take a perfect shape and the Safari Zones In Jim Corbett National Park are ready to India Tours from around the world throughout the year.

Corbett Tour Packages are also available with the safaris and they are mainly the journey that you can enjoy alone or along with your family. The safari zones of corbett national park are Bijrani Safari Zone In Jim Corbett National Park, Dhikala Safari Zone In Jim Corbett National Park, Durga Devi Safari Zone In Jim Corbett National Park and Jhirna Safari Zone In Jim Corbett National Park.

The first choice is generally Bijrani Tourist Zone as this has entrance gate via Amanda which is the nearest (around 1km) from Ramnagar entrance. The next is obviously the Dhikala as also this one is considered to be the best Safari Zone among all of them. This Zone is called Dhangari Gate. It is the perfect spot for all and one can easily get to see all the rarest animals from this gate. If you stay there for few days try to go for all the gates to get the full view of the big corbett national park.

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