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7 août 2013


Rajasthan is among the most iconic holiday destinations. Rajasthan Tours offer you a chance to have fun relax and soak in the sunny wonders of India. Rajasthan has romance, adventure, mystery and history all rolled into one convenient package. Numerous tours in Rajasthan allow you varied experiences which are impossible to imitate elsewhere.

For the honeymooner, there is the luxurious palace tour which allows you to live like royalty and indulge in regal sport and fare. You can help yourself to generous doses of culture, tradition and history as the palaces entertain you with their legacies and fortune. Rajasthan India Tour Packages combine the most extravagant palaces and their experiences to allow you the grandest tryst with blue blood. Today, several resorts are made around refurbished palaces. There can be no better way to spend your first days as a couple than in the lap of luxury.

City tours of Rajasthan are great ways to get around and sample the local lifestyle. Each city in Rajasthan is completely different. It has a distinct influence which is seen all over. In Jaipur, for instance, you will notice the prevalence of pink sandstone in the older structures, while in Udaipur you will notice the pristine whites as marble makes its way into most constructions. This is also a good chance to compare cities which have their share of modernization with those which still stay away. The best cities to explore elaborately include Udaipur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. A Rajasthan Tour is best explored at leisure. Although India tours of Rajasthan can even be completed in six days, there is little justice that can be done to this complex region. Stay longer and relish the colures that Rajasthan has to offer with its livestock, weaves, food and culture.

The people of Rajasthan are simple and warm. They are happiest to share their modest homes, hearts and lives with people. Revel in their songs, dances and poetry. Cultural events in Rajasthan are among the most colorful spectacles you can ever see. Vibrantly colored skirts, turbans and stoles spin in gay abandon as the natives charm you with upbeat songs of the glory of Rajasthan and its heroes.

There are several tour packages that can help make Rajasthan Travel a pleasure. Select from among the host of offerings, and you will the greeted by the magic of Rajasthan as it unfolds before you. Packages offered allow you to avail special discounts, add ones and offers. Include your passions and desires to make your own customized tour which can be experienced in the way you deem fit. Budgets, requirements and constraints are all managed seamlessly to bestow on you an experience of Rajasthan you can never forget. Visit your tour operator today, and book your passage to an unforgettable expedition of Rajasthan.

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